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we will communicate how you can advertise your car here with us. If a question shouldnt be listed here, please send us an e-mail enquiry or be to chat directly with us immediately welcome, if we are online, too.

Who can advertise in Autoportal Auto-Kanaren?
In the Autoportal Auto-Kanaren can advertise everybody that lives or has a car on the Canarian islands.

How much does cost the advertising in Aotoportal Auto-Kanaren?
The Advertising in Autoportal Auto-Kanaren is for uncertain time free.

How long does the advertisement remain in the database?
If the seller doesnt inform us that his car is sold, it remains the advertisement up to 1 year actively in our database.

How many pictures i can upload to my advertisement?
Up to 4 pictures per advertisement can be loaded to us.